‘Best Cellars’ this Fathers Day at The Noisy Lobster

There is no better way to find the ideal Father’s Day gift than with our guide to the perfect wine pairing based on your dad’s distinctive personality. Dads come in so many different shapes and sizes, is yours…daring, steadfast in his beliefs, or the first to throw some shapes when a classic floor filler comes on? We guarantee that here at The Noisy Lobster we have something for everyone.

Keep scrolling to see if he is in one of our top 5 categories. If he is in a category all of his own then drop a message in the comments and one of our knowledgeable team will recommend the perfect wine from our extensive cellar.

The Big-Into-Sports Dad

This kind of dad has a Sky sports subscription, is very vocal during a televised showing of any competitive sport. You will always find him on the sidelines at every practice or match from rugby to tiddly winks and he loves nothing more than regaling stories of “when he had trials with”. They sit in the lucky position of being mind readers offering free refereeing skills from the touchline and no matter what team or sport they support they were ‘robbed’ if they ever loose.

The perfect wine pairing for this win win character would be a Syrah, a Shiraz or even a bold Malbec. These wines are effortlessly quaffable and perfect with meat or fish, picnics and BBQ’s. Why not try our Argentinian Andeluna Riaces, available in our restaurant and from our onsite Deli. If your active dad is more of a white wine guy, try a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris, our Cloudy Bay is a definite showstopper and a great al fresco choice.

The Party On Dad

We’ve all met this favourite dad, and he really loves to throw a party. To be more precise, a BBQ where he can pull out his cutting-edge grill and matching tools and his top of the range music system. His menu will feature locally sourced meats and handcrafted beers from his preferred supplier – whom he is, of course, on first name terms with. This dad will party until the early hours and you will go the distance with him because of his infectious laugh, generous hospitality, and fun-loving nature. Don’t walk…run and pick up our Barbebelle , Rose Fleuri from the picturesque countryside of the Provence we know your dad will love it. Available at onsite Deli on Avon Beach .

The Old Fashioned Dad

This kind of dad cannot grasp modern technology despite how many times you have patiently walked him through it. His first reaction to anything is to frantically search for his glasses which can usually be found on his head. His text font is ridiculously large so just about anybody can read his brick phone and he continuously comments on other road users but no matter what…his classic pallet is just one of the many things you love about him. This dad loves nothing more than a traditional Sunday Roast with family and friends so why not reach for a timeless Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot, try our Buitenverwachting, from Constantia in South Africa. This wine is available from our restaurant at The Noisy Lobster and our onsite Deli.

Charismatic Dad

This is the kind of dad that is a magnet to friends and family, invited along to every party and event due to his popularity. His enigmatic charm and captivating personality shines through, and he will always be there for you (whether you want him or not). Like a top tier wine himself this super effervescent chap is never a shrinking violet and a huge problem solver in life’s rich tapestry.  This dad’s personality goes great with a Spanish Rosado or a Pouilly Fume from France because it is sweet just like him!

Adventurous Dad

This is the kind of dad who can’t wait to retire, buy a motor home and seek the thrill of the open road. He already owns a graphite bike, will never be a golfer, far too sedate. Having completed his tenth Tough Mudder is always looking for his next challenge. He is health conscious and considers a red wine to be a medicinal tipple. He likes to try a different wine every time he dines out so in his case we highly recommend a Rioja from our Marques de Riscal vineyard available only when dining with us. We know this larger-than-life dad will love it with olives, pickles and fresh baked onion and salsa bread from our bakery.

We know that every type of dad is the best kind of dad, and we look forward to welcoming you on Fathers Day at The Noisy Lobster on the 16th of June.

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Don’t forget to comment below if you would like a personal pairing for your unique Dad!